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Championing people who don't share your identity is hot. Put your skin in the game and share one person you believe in.

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Finally getting all the participants from The #One4One Game in one place! This is a list of all the people who have participated in the #One4One game so far. Out of the many, many, many Re tweets and mentions (over 2000, thank you for that), we gathered the tweets of people who already chose their @One. If you haven’t participated yet, join the #One4One game, name your One and you will be in our list. Updated daily. Thanks for playing!

Check it out: The #One4One Game Complete List via @storify

By Craig Newmark, published by The Huffington Post

I go to a lot of tech conferences and in conjunction with that get added to notables lists, due to clerical errors.

Sometimes, it’s disappointing that the people on stage or in such lists aren’t really fair to some groups of people.

In particular, speaker and notables lists sometimes fail to include women whose voices are a real big deal when it comes to tech helping make life better for everyone.

A friend and trusted advisor, Andrew Rasiej (who helps run a very fair and effective Personal democracy Forum), took issue with his naming to Newsweek's recent Digital 100 Power Index. It only listed eight women, not so fair, so he asked Deanna Zandt to take his place. (I’ve also worked with her, and she’s the real deal.)

Deanna and Andrew also created a simple Twitter game called #One4One to get the word out about others who really need their voices heard. Here’s my contribution:

Okay, for ‪#One4One‬ I’d suggest @MonaEltahawy, Beth @Kanter, Allyson Kapin (@WomenWhoTech), @reshmasaujani, smart, real social change agents (which I followed by admitting that I was sure I forgot some folks, but, really, I forget stuff).

Ethan Zuckerman names Amira Al Hussaini via twitter:

@EthanZ: , interesting idea for seeking equity in “digital influencers”, whatever they are… I name

Find Amira on: Twitter, Global Voices Online, Blog

More about Ethan.

Tim O’Reilly ‏names Neera Tanden via twitter:

@timoreilly: Not one of Twitter’s “usual suspects” but a deep thinker on and influential in more ways than I can count:

Find Neera on: Center for American Progress, Twitter, LinkedIn

More about Tim.

Micah Sifry names Allison Fine via twitter:

@ My is : thinker, writer, doer extraordinaire!”

Find Allison on:, Twitter, The Networked Nonprofit (Book)

More about Micah.

Joe Trippi names Stephanie Schriock via twitter

@JoeTrippi: Stephanie Schriock of Emily’s List is my pick. Never gotten the credit she deserves.

Find Stephanie on: Twitter, Emily’s List

More about Joe.

Andrew Hoppin names Lisa Gansky via twitter:

@ahoppin: My picks: is causing a world that shares, & is coding & communing us into potent new communities of action”

Find Lisa on:, Twitter,

More about Andrew.

Craig Newmark names Mona Eltahawy via twitter:

@CraigNewman: okay, for I’d suggest , Beth , Allyson Kapin (), , smart, real social change agents”

Find Mona on:, Twitter, Wikipedia

More about Craig.

Alec Ross Names Neelie Kroes via twitter:

@AlecJRoss: The person who immediately leapt to mind for me as Digital Influencer is

Find Neelie Kroes on: European ComissionTwitter, Facebook

More About Alec.

Alexis Ohanian names Xeni Jardin or Baratunde Thurston via twitter:

" @AlexisOhanian: It’s up! Told I should be replaced w or as top digital personality cc

Find Baratunde on:, Twitter.

More about Alexis.

Alex Howard names Margaret Rouse via twitter:

@digiphile: I nominate my amazing mentor, Peggy Rouse (@WhatIsDotCom) for #One4One.

Find Peggy Rouse on: WhatIsDotCom, TwitterLinkedin
More about Alex.

Noel Dickover names Beth Kanter via twitter:

@NoelDickover: My would be , who is a real visionary in the nonprofit & development using tech space - her ideas lead to real impact.”

Find Beth Kanter on: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook

More about Noel.

Adrian Carrasquillo names Ana Roca Castro via twitter:

@RealAdrianC Love the idea from . Finally a chance to get different faces on influencers lists. My choice is :

Judy Estrin is a networking technology pioneer and Silicon Valley leader. Since 1981, she has co-founded seven technology companies and served as the CTO of Cisco Systems. Currently as CEO of JLabs, LLC, she is an advisor and speaker in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. She sits on the boards of directors of The Walt Disney Company as well as privately held Packet Design, Inc. She also served as member of the board of FedEx Corporation from 1989 until 2010, Sun Microsystems from 1995 through 2003 and Rockwell Corporation from 1994 through 1998. In addition, she sits on the advisory councils of Stanford’s School of Engineering and Stanford’s Bio-X initiative.

Most recently, Estrin is the author of a new book titled Closing the Innovation Gap: Reigniting the Spark of Creativity in a Global Economy (McGraw-Hill; September, 2008). The book explores key concepts of innovation and challenges business, education and national leaders to work together to reignite the sustainable innovation essential for future growth.

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